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Property Management System Benefits

Store and access all of your data in one central location

Due to the fragmented nature of the real estate industry, most firms have pieced together multiple applications in an attempt to satisfy their administrative needs. This typically results in numerous sources of data that are not linked together and must be manually integrated and analyzed. This is generally done on a daily basis at best and usually by a staff person or consultant who has had to engineer stopgap solutions to deal with these inherent shortcomings. provides a better property management system which houses all your data in one database where all key Property Management processes are fully integrated and can be completed, by a single or multiple persons, using the same program.

Real-time access to your data

Since most property management systems have data which resides in several places, users cannot access all the information when they need it. Especially problematic is reconciling data from a central site with regional data, and regional data back to the corporate office. Because our property management system is an internet based solution all data can be accessed and updated real-time, which means data reconciliation is no longer necessary. Everyone accessing your records via our property management system will see the same information.

Consolidate multiple softwares into one database

Using dissimilar software applications makes being able to view a complete picture of your finances, or management needs nearly impossible. provides a better, fully integrated property management solution. For example, you can automatically do a large-scale mailing that's completely integrated into Microsoft Word and customize each mailing for each tenant.

One single uniform graphical user interface

Most DOS text-based non-integrated systems require you and your employees to figure out how to use each system individually and remember all the different ways to access data. Some systems use hosts of codes; others use hot keys and you must commit each process to memory. Clearly, this is quite inefficient for effective commercial property management since you have to train yourself as well as any new employees. How overwhelming must it be to remember all of the convoluted ways to complete even the most routine tasks. iRealtyManager's internet based application alleviates the need to switch between DOS text-based applications and Windows systems. Because in iRealtyManager's web-based property management system, only one user interface is necessary.

Learn why iRealtyManager is a complete property management system for an owner of properties.

Rapid deployment

Our property management system can be deployed rapidly and provisioned easily, since our customers do not have to spend time installing or maintaining any software, servers, networking equipment, security products or other infrastructure hardware necessary to ensure a scalable and reliable service. The average time that a customer requires to deploy our service is significantly shorter than traditional property management software deployments. We also offer consulting and training services to assist customers in quickly deploying and optimizing their use of our service.

Enable high levels of user adoption

We designed our service to be easy-to-use and intuitive. Our property management system contains many tools and features recognizable to users of popular websites such as:, eBay and Yahoo!. It has a more familiar interface than typical Property Management applications. As a result, our users do not require substantial training on how to use and benefit from our service. We conduct extensive surveys of our users to gauge their experiences with our property management software, so that we may determine potential areas of improvement. In addition, because of the nature of our service, we receive automatic feedback as to which features customers find most useful.

Lower total cost of ownership

We enable customers to achieve significant savings relative to the traditional software model. Our application enables customers to automate many commercial property management processes without having to make large, risky or upfront investments in software; hardware; implementation services, or additional IT staff. In addition, because all upgrades are implemented by our company, on our servers they automatically become a part of our service and therefore, benefit all of our customers immediately.

Secure, scalable and reliable delivery platform

The delivery platform for our service has been designed to provide our customers with high levels of reliability, performance and security. The IT systems within our data center have fail-over redundancy. We have built a comprehensive security infrastructure, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems and encryption for transmissions over the Internet, which we monitor and test on a regular basis. We construct and maintain a multi-tenant application architecture that has been designed to enable our service to scale securely, reliably and cost-effectively to tens of thousands of units, and millions of users. The structural design of our multi-tenant application maintains the integrity and separation of customer information while still permitting all customers to use the same application functionality simultaneously. Our service also enables us to segment access privileges across our user base.

Learn about's Property Management Software Pricing.



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