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Real Estate Management Reporting

iRealtyManager’s web based real estate management solution includes robust reporting features for each of your unit and properties. Our 15-year experience in real estate management has helped up compile business critical property management reports in the application. Each report lays emphasis on the minutest information relating to every unit and property.

With our real estate management solution, you have statistics of properties at your fingertips. Following are the real estate management reports you get:

  1. Unit Turnover Report: Unit Turnover Report will give you the exact turnover figures of every single unit of all your properties. This includes the Unit Type, Address of the Unit, Rent Amount for the particular Unit, Total Vacant Days of the Unit, Moveouts from the Unit and much more, for a specified time period. With this real estate management report in your hand, you get a quick glance on the number of leased units vis-à-vis units experiencing move-outs.
    View a sample Unit Turnover Report

  2. Unit Profit & Loss Report: This report gives you the total income, total expense and net income/expense per unit for all of your properties. You can extract this information for any of your units for any period of time since the unit/property was created. The report is divided into two sections

      a) Profit & Loss assigned to units (Profit/Loss derived from unit is the rental income/expense) &

      b) Profit & Loss not assigned to unit (Any other Profit/Loss derived from the property)

    This real estate management report will help you in analyzing profit/loss on each unit individually as well as the property as a whole.
    View a sample Unit Profit & Loss Report

  3. Unit Type Listing Report: This is a simple real estate management report for you to get the details of all types of units that you manage through iRealtyManager - charges collected for a specific unit till date and how many units are occupied at any given point of time – all this at the click of a mouse.
    View a sample Unit Type Listing Report

  4. Profit & Loss: Profit & Loss information of your business will be reflected in this real estate management report. This report combines all income groups and its types, expense groups and its types for all properties that you manage within iRealtyManager. At one glance, it gives you the total cash flow statement.
    View a sample Profit & Loss Report

  5. Activity Report: This real estate management report gives you the details of various activities involving each of your units and properties. It will give you the total amount of deposits held from tenants as well as the total balance owned by tenants from individual units of each property for a defined time period.
    View a sample Activity Report

  6. Vacant Unit Report: It gives you all information about vacant units at one glance. This includes the name of the property, lease expiration, last vacated, move-ins and the expected rent from the unit till its lease expiration date.
    View a sample Vacant Unit Report

These real estate management reports can be exported to excel sheet in CSV (Comma Separated Value) format to further help you effectively and efficiently analyze the information in these reports.

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    b) Take a 15-Days Free Trial of our real estate management application.



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